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AYANEO 2 CingKo 2T SSD Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

Recently, we have upgraded the firmware of some SSD used in AYANEO 2 (CingKo 2T) to optimize the compatibility between this version of SSD and AMD 6800U platform.


Step 1: How to check if you are an upgrade batch of solid state drive [SSD]




①, The SSD model is Cingko 2T, if your SSD is not 2T capacity, you can simply close the page;


Next we can query the [SSD] brand:


Method 1 (query through this computer).


①. Right-click [This PC], click [Show more options], view [Manage] and enter this interface.



② Click [Device Manager] in the menu bar, and then select [Disk Drive] to check the brand of the hard disk.


If displayed under [Disk Drive] as [CingKo 2000GB] is considered an upgradeable solid state drive [SSD].



Step 2: Begin the process of upgrading the Solid State Drive [SSD].


1、In the official website of AYANEO, find the download file.


Download link:》》》https://ayaneo.com/support/download《《《



2、After downloading, unzip, and select 'Upgrade_Tool.exe', Right click 'Run as administrator'.


3、Here it is explained that the version number that needs to be upgraded is [Firmware: 3.W.J.1] and the version number that has been upgraded is [Firmware: 3.W.J.1t].If your version number is [Firmware: 3.W.J.1t], then you do not need to upgrade.


The following figure shows the un-upgraded version of the SSD.


[Unupgraded Firmware: 3.W.J.1]



4、Select and confirm 'CingKo 2000GB xx' in the pop-up window and click RUN, The upgrade will be completed in about 2s.



[Firmware after upgrade: 3.W.J.1t]



Please note! Firmware upgrade has certain risks, please backup your important data in your computer before upgrading to avoid data damage or loss.





February 10, 2023





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