Combining thin & light and ergonomic design

Flagship-level performance in the top tier

Leading screen color in its class of products

Possessing high-power X86-level cooling capability

Enhanced by numerous advanced Windows handheld technologies

Providing gamers with a top-quality and excellent experience Android handheld

Android Handheld Has Never Been So Elegant

From appearance to tactile sensation, Pocket AIR will inherit AYANEO's artistic design aesthetics and

ergonomic design, creating an unparalleled Android handheld.

Continuing the Thin & Light & Stylish Design of AIR Series

Continuing the thin & light & stylish design of AIR series and its consistent lightweight feel.

As portable as a smartphone, easily fitting into your pocket, a handheld retro gaming marvel.

Indescribable "AIRTouch" Gentle Grip Sensation

Pocket AIR features the acclaimed "AIRTouch" ergonomic grip, with elegant and streamlined design.

Perfectly fits your hand's natural grip, providing a comfortable grip that is hard to find in other Android handhelds.

High Brightness Wide Color Gamut AMOLED Screen

The finely-tuned AMOLED screen offers an almost 180° ultra-wide viewing angle and a dynamic contrast ratio

of up to 100000:1, along with the inherent advantage of zero light leakage.

With its eye-catching colors, the screen delivers amazing color performance that is hard to beat on other Android handhelds.

OLED screen response time is only one-thousandth of that of LCD screen, say goodbye to screen drag, and faster touchscreen feedback.

Bringing a new experience to retro games with vivid colors, providing a refreshing experience.

Timeless Retro Color丨Evoke the Nostalgic Beauty Memories

As a retro gaming artifact, Pocket AIR pays sincere homage to timeless classics by featuring the beloved

red and white color scheme cherished by gamers. The distinctive yellow joystick cap design*

further enhances the immersive retro ambiance, creating a nostalgic atmosphere full of vintage charm.

*Red joystick cap included with the package

Rare Flagship Performance for Android Handhelds

MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Processor

8-core Architecture | 6nm Process | Up to 3.0GHz Max Frequency

The Dimensity 1200 processor, built on a 6nm process, features a design with 4 big cores + 4 small cores.

Performance surpasses that of most Android handhelds.

Delivering unparalleled smoothness in daily use that other Android handhelds cannot match.

Effortlessly handles numerous retro games at higher resolutions.

X86-level Powerful Active Cooling System | True "Downgrade Hit"

Windows-level air cooling system, brought to ARM architecture Android handhelds.

Three preset fan speeds, make heat practically imperceptible.

Unleashing the full potential of the Dimensity 1200 processor.

Enabling prolonged gaming sessions without compromising comfort in hand-held play.

Windows-level Large Battery | Extended Gaming Endurance

7350mAh large battery

Android handheld with long-lasting battery life for enjoyable gaming

Paired with ARM architecture and Windows-level large battery.

Complemented by the relatively power-efficient 5.5-inch OLED screen.

Boasts an incredibly impressive gaming endurance.

Immersive experiences in the world of classic games.

AYANEO Intuitive Control System

Exceptional control experience is a prideful advantage of AYANEO Windows handhelds.

AYANEO wholeheartedly transfers the highly refined leading control system

from its Windows handhelds to the Pocket AIR Android handheld,

marking a significant innovation in the realm of Android handheld control.

Master Controller Android Edition丨Unparalleled Master Control

Master Controller, continuing the advantage of AYANEO Windows handhelds

Familiar eight major functions, delivering an experience on par with professional controllers.

With effortless fingertip manipulation, the Android handheld enters a new era of control experience.

Hall Sensing Joystick丨Irresistible Flexible Control Sensation

The Hall sensing joystick utilizes electromagnetic sensing technology, featuring an advanced contactless structure.

Eliminates drift caused by wear and dust, significantly extending lifespan.

Ensures higher precision, a longer operational life, and a more delicate and responsive control feel.

Transforming gamers into martial arts experts, offers precise and agile control.

RGB Joystick Lighting | Ignite Passion with Battle Radiance

Featuring a rare RGB breathing ambient light effect, creating a strong esports atmosphere.

The AYASpace App allows for the customization of vibrant lighting effects and breathing cycles.

Display different lighting effects according to mood and preferences

Hall Trigger | Micron-level High Precision Feedback

Hall Trigger adopts electromagnetic sensing technology, ensuring more accurate data transmission.

Consistent operational precision, with a lifespan of up to 1 million cycles.

Ultimate long stroke provides a lifelike throttle-like sensation.

Delivering superior control experience that surpasses other Android handhelds.

Fully Tuned Buttons with Optimized Feel

AYANEO Pocket AIR features a well-designed layout for joysticks and function buttons.

The compact size ensures that your fingers don't need to move extensively during intense battles.

Well-tuned ABXY and D-pad, shorter button stroke.

More responsive buttons, reduce operational errors, for a fatigue-free experience during prolonged gameplay.

The LB and RB shoulder buttons use conductive rubber material, the function buttons employ matel dome,

providing a light and responsive feedback.

Dual Six-Axis Gyroscopes | Dynamic Gaming at Your Fingertips

AYANEO Pocket AIR equipped with two six-axis gyroscopes.

AYASpace App allows you to switch on and off the gyroscope and adjust the sensitivity.

Bringing immersive and dynamic gameplay experiences to handheld gaming.

Adds tactile sensations to various classic games, creating a fully immersive sensory experience.

Now, for the first time, the SoundTapMagic Sound Vibration System integrated into Android handheld.

Gamers can feel synchronized vibrations that complement in-game sound effects.

X-axis Linear Motor | 4D Immersive Haptic Feedback

Delivering rich and nuanced haptic feedback in all directions.

Provides a multi-layered, lifelike sensory experience across various scenarios.

Paired seamlessly with the SoundTapMagic Sound Vibration System.

Injects pulsating energy into retro gaming, creating an indescribably immersive experience.

AYANEO Proprietary Android Software Ecosystem

AYASpace has received high praise on Windows handhelds, and now we're bringing it to the Android system,

offering a fresh experience. With an extensive and mature game database, Pocket AIR provides an

unparalleled content browsing experience that sets it apart from other handhelds.

AYANEO Self-developed Launcher - AYAHome

AYAHome is a customized desktop launcher software developed by AYANEO for Android handhelds.

It features a minimalist UI design and offers smooth interactive operations, providing a better compatibility

with both touchscreen and controller-based interactions on Android handhelds.

AYAHome primarily includes functions like "Frequently-used Apps", "App Library", and "Search".

The homepage showcases commonly used applications and games,

while swiping upwards leads to the App Library, significantly reducing the learning curve for gamers.

Android Handheld Management Software - AYASpace App

Quick Tool

The special function "Quick Tool" of AYASpace has been seamlessly transplanted into Pocket AIR. You can

activate the AYASpace center by pressing the "AYA" button on any interface. A short press opens the

"Quick Tool", allowing you to quickly access necessary functions or adjust settings.

The Android edition of "Quick Tool" provides an intuitive display of various performance data. It offers

convenient toggling between performance modes, fan modes, and performance monitoring overlay,

allowing you to easily access common settings related to the handheld.

Virtual Controller Mapping Feature*

Adapts controller inputs for games that do not natively support controller functionality,

enabling all games to utilize the advanced Master control system and providing a unique control experience.

*This feature is currently in development and will be supported in future OTA updates.

AYANEO Cloud Game Database

Achieve effortless game management, with the aid of AYANEO's extensive cloud-based retro game database.

Leveraging proprietary algorithms, automatically scrapes retro game data, swiftly matching local game resources with game information.

Such as cover images, descriptions, videos, and more, immersing gamers in the cultural aspects of classic games.

*This feature is under development and will be supported by subsequent OTA upgrades.

Note: The game database exclusively offers convenient management features for games downloaded or

imported by gamers. AYANEO does not provide any form of game resource downloads.

AYANEO Hyper Sound Stereo Dual Speakers

Immersive and Impactful

Compact size with high-power dual-channel chambers.

Powered by the newly developed AYANEO Intelligent Amplification Technology.

Crafting the innovative AYANEO Hyper Sound Stereo Dual Speakers.

Despite its small size, delivers an intense audio experience, creating a surround sound panorama.

Immersing gamers in a lifelike, powerful, and immersive auditory sensation.

Versatile Expandability

Swift Fingerprint Recognition

Instant Access to the Gaming World

Integrated fingerprint unlock on the power button, unlocking with a single press.

One-button standby, start and stop gaming at your convenience.

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2

Enjoy High-Speed and Stable Streaming Gaming

Wi-Fi 6 offers faster speeds, more importantly, lower latency and power consumption.

Providing a smoother and more stable streaming gaming experience for extended gameplay.

Bluetooth 5.2 features ultra-low power consumption, faster pairing.

Greater stability, and enhanced interference resistance.

Support for 4G Network

Play Online Anytime, Anywhere

Comes standard with support for global mainstream 4G-LTE frequency band data network connection*.

Allowing you to connect to the internet quickly, enjoy handheld gaming joy wherever you are.

*Utilizes a hybrid SIM card slot, supports either 2 Nano-SIM cards, or 1 Nano-SIM card and 1 Micro SD card.