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AYANEO Handle Firmware Upgrade instructions

When we press the left joystick to hold still for boot, we will find that when we click [This PC] to view it, we can see an additional disk named: [AYANEO] inside [This PC], as shown in the following figure.



If have, please proceed with the following steps.


Step 1: Download the handle firmware upgrade package for your own device from the official AYANEO website.




Note: Only AYANEO 2, AYANEO GEEK, AYANEO AIR, AYANEO AIR PRO are now supported for upgrade.


As the following photos show.











Step 2: Download the installation package and unzip it, then drag the unzipped upgrade firmware into the [AYANEO] disk in [This PC].



Step 3: Leave it for 5 - 10 seconds, after the [AYANEO] disk disappears, that means the firmware of your device's handle is finished upgrading.





February 20, 2023





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I only have a windows and a SDXC folder, what can i do?

AYANEOKINGYou can directly follow the AYASpace upgrade tutorial to upgrade

That didn’t solve my problem. Controller still stop after sleep mode and doesn’t come back. Even with turn off and on again. Just after one hour turned off.
Alan Lamotte

AYANEOKINGAfter waking up from sleep mode, press the "A" key once after entering the Windows interface to wake up the controller