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Appearance of AYANEO Design Aesthetics —— Set Up A New Banner, Leading Innovation


Childhood games are always unforgettable, and game consoles are an important carrier of this good time. Throughout the long history of handheld development, many handhelds are not only loved by players because of their functions. Various designs of appearance also left a deep impression on the players and became an indelible classic. 



When it comes to handhelds, in addition to the most classic Tetris consoles, Nintendo’s GameBoy and Sony’s PSP, which will dominate in the future, are power machines which are talked about by many players, and have become the favorite childhood memory of many 80s and 90s.

AYANEO CEO, Arthur Zhang is one of them. He has played games since he was a child. He has more than 30 years of gaming experience. He is obsessed with handheld games and familiar with many classic handhelds.

Years of game and handheld experience have made Arthur know handheld products very well and has a deep understanding of handheld design. Drawing inspiration from the design of many excellent handhelds and other digital products, it pioneered the innovative design of Windows handhelds. It is precisely because of his love for games and handhelds leads the AYANEO team towards the dream of creating the most perfect handheld.



Under the personal practice of Arthur, AYANEO, which adheres to the concept of "Real Gamers, Know Gamers", draws creativity and experience from classic handhelds, inherits classics while pioneering and innovating, and impresses players with its own pure aesthetic design.



In AYANEO 2021, the pioneering work of a small test, both the overall design style and color matching follow the simple style, reducing the visual bulkiness. The front of AYANEO 2021 uses a 7-inch 1280*800 resolution, IPS screen with a maximum brightness of 500nits, providing vivid and bright display effects. In addition, as a handheld device that always needs to be in contact with the palm, the body of AYANEO 2021 is designed with a matt texture, which has a delicate touch and brings players a more comfortable hands-on experience.



Paying attention to the details is also a very important pursuit of AYANEO in appearance design. The power button, volume button, 3.5mm headphone port, USB Type-C port, and even the screw holes and air outlets on the top of the AYANEO 2021 are all aligned on a horizontal line. The shortcut buttons on the left and right sides of the front of the fuselage are also done with a symmetrical design, not only visually unified and harmonious, but also more intuitive in use. If AYANEO 2021 has laid a solid foundation for the establishment of "AYANEO simple aesthetics", then AYANEO NEXT will be AYANEO's milestone in appearance design.

As a product to explore the future, compared to the angular design of AYANEO 2021, AYANEO NXET has been carefully crafted to create a more rounded body curve, which is softer visually, and also follows ergonomics, with a rounded body. It fits the palm better and avoids the problem of the fuselage sticking to the hand.



The front of the AYANEO NXET body also uses a 7-inch 1280*800 resolution IPS screen. Compared with AYANEO 2021, the biggest difference is that the shortcut keys are reduced from the original 8 to 4, and only the window key, menu key, and AYA key are retained. And custom keys save space for the fuselage, and the reduction of design elements also makes the front of the fuselage simpler. Furthermore, the shortcut buttons that were removed come back in a smarter way, that is, button combinations.



On the grip, AYANEO NXET refers to different gamepads and adds a streamlined design, so it brings a relatively more comfortable grip and creates a unique "NEXT grip".

With a brand-new skin-like body and artistic color matching, AYANEO NEXT truly achieves a double joy of vision and touch. As soon as you get started, you can feel the continuous polishing of the AYANEO team.

Why is it said that AYANEO NEXT is a milestone work of AYANEO in appearance design? The artistic color matching that first appeared on AYANEO NEXT, the continuously improved body material, the front button layout, and the ergonomic grip, these innovative attempts are still inherited and carried forward on today's AYANEO handhelds.



Constantly innovating product concepts is not just a slogan, every handheld is the best embodiment of this sentence. NEXT's appearance innovation did not stop AYANEO. Therefore, AYANEO AIR, a new product series with a new design language, came into the world.

"AIR", as the name suggests, is thin and light, so the thinnest part of the AYANEO AIR body is only 18mm, and the weight is only 398g, which is lighter than the 420g Nintendo Switch OLED; even the thinnest part of the more extreme AIR Pro. It is only 21.6mm and weighs 440g, far thinner and lighter than Steam Deck, which is also a PC handheld. It is another bold shot in the appearance design of Windows handhelds.



Some people will say that for the ultimate design, there must be compromises in other places. However, AYANEO only improved the process, combined and condensed about 3,500 components, and created an orderly internal structure through a more sophisticated stacking design. Rather than taking a shortcut, AYANEO prefers to realize innovative product concepts through technological sophistication.



In addition to the thin and light body design, AYANEO AIR / AIR Pro is the world's first Windows handheld with an OLED screen. The 5.5-inch OLED screen with 1080P resolution brings a large viewing angle of 175°, faster response speed and more colorful view.



AYANEO AIR / AIR Pro has further improved the ergonomic grip on the basis of NEXT, the streamlined design is more prominent, combined with the new UV technology, the touch and grip are two times improved, not only good-looking, but also great power.

On previous AYANEO handhelds, there are usually fixing screws on the top and bottom of the fuselage, and more fixing screws are distributed symmetrically on the back of the fuselage.

Although the symmetrical arrangement alleviates the sense of destruction to a certain extent, we feel that it is better to solve it completely than to alleviate it.

AYANEO redesigned the fuselage structure on AIR / AIR Pro, so that only 2 bottom screws appear within the visible range of the fuselage. However, this is just foreshadowing.




After the AYANEO AIR series, AYANEO hopes to create a true flagship with all aspects, so AYANEO 2 inherits all the cutting-edge technologies of AYANEO.



While we are on the subject of AYANEO 2, the first thing that catches the eye is its world's first 7-inch borderless full screen, which brings an unprecedented large screen-to-body ratio to handheld. With a 1920*1200 resolution high-color gamut screen, the front is full against the background of a piece of glass. Its stunning visual effect makes players fall in love with it.

The previous mention in the AIR series which has not shown on it is made up for by AYANEO 2. Inheriting the ingenious design of the AIR series, AYANEO 2 realizes the design of the whole body without exposed screws for the first time on a Windows handheld with an ingenious body structure design. The body is highly integrated, and there are no more visual screw holes interference in the body.

Since it is a masterpiece, the ergonomic grip will not stop. AYANEO 2 adopts a brand-new design language, the first "baby sleeping position grip", integrates the streamlined design into every corner of the back of the fuselage, fits the palm completely, and combines the delicate touch material like skin, so that players can't put it down as soon as they get started. Even if you play for a long time, you will not get tired.



After the flagship AYANEO 2, AYANEO is not satisfied. We hope to do something that other brands of handhelds have not done, such as combining thinness and powerful performance, and AIR Plus was born.



AYANEO AIR Plus is equipped with a 6-inch 1920*1080 resolution IPS original color screen, and the sRGB volume reaches 120%. This may be the best screen among 6-inch Windows handhelds, and it is also the perfect size to balance visual and portable experience.



AYANEO AIR Plus not only inherits the thin and light concept of the AIR series, but also achieves a smaller body size than similar handhelds, with a body weight of only 525g (510g for Intel and AMD Mendocino versions), and is equipped with a palm in the thin and light body. With the AMD 6800U chip with peak performance (there are Intel and AMD Mendocino versions optional) and uncompromising 28W powerful heat dissipation, it is also the thinnest 6800U Windows handheld at present.



The "AIRTouch" feel is represented in AYANEO AIR Plus. The ergonomic grip after repeated fine-tuning brings the unique smooth touch of AIR Plus. With the thin, light and compact body, we are even worried that players will be addicted to playing games on AIR Plus for a long time.




AYANEO's unique art-level color matching will naturally not be absent in AYANEO AIR Plus. The deep and lively "Starlight Black" and "Glacier Blue" have become the main colors of AYANEO AIR Plus. In addition, the 6800U version also has an exclusive retro color "Classic Gray" that pays tribute to the classics, full of AYANEO's love for handhelds. Such a natural and pure color scheme has become AYANEO's iconic design language, and it is a rare and beautiful landscape in the single-toned Windows handheld industry.



In the Windows handheld industry, AYANEO is a pioneer leading innovation. After the precipitation of many products, AYANEO has formed a set of mature design concepts, and is unique in the current Windows handheld industry. AYANEO takes handheld as the pen, and will continue to write more glories in the handheld industry, and dedicate more exquisite handheld products to gamers.


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