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AYANEO Unveils the Mysterious Flagship AYANEO Pocket EVO——AYANEO New Product Show & Sharing Session


On July 5th, AYANEO hosted a live stream showcasing its latest innovations in handheld gaming. AYANEO CEO, Arthur unveiled the Pocket DMG, a vertical handheld that redefines elegance and performance, the Pocket MICRO, a refined retro handheld, and the AG01, a futuristic docking station.



The highlight of the livestream was the unveiling of the AYANEO Pocket EVO, a high-end flagship Android handheld that symbolizes a new level of evolution in gaming device. This unveiling brought a major surprise to numerous gamers.


AYANEO Pocket DMG: the Pinnacle of Vertical Retro Handheld Design 


The AYANEO Pocket DMG combines the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform with an elegant vertical design, creating a retro-inspired handheld that sets a new standard for performance and aesthetics.



Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform and a custom-designed active cooling system tailored for vertical handhelds, the AYANEO Pocket DMG delivers exceptional performance for demanding retro games and Android titles. It is currently the most powerful vertical handheld available.



Beyond its performance, the AYANEO Pocket DMG embodies a harmonious blend of retro design and AYANEO's signature minimalist elegance. Its captivating aesthetics are unmatched, while the inclusion of a scroll wheel adds a touch of vintage charm to the artistic design. The meticulously crafted, compact, and lightweight form factor provides an irresistible tactile experience.


The AYANEO Pocket DMG also excels in ergonomics. The device features chamfered edges, a 3D curved back that seamlessly transitions to the palm, and strategically placed buttons for effortless access. The shoulder buttons, inspired by the graceful curve of a coastline, offer a natural and comfortable grip and button experience.



The AYANEO Pocket DMG breaks the traditional compromises of vertical handheld screens, featuring a custom-designed 3.92" OLED vivid display with a 1240*1080 resolution and 419 PPI, delivering stunningly detailed visuals that enhance the beauty of game worlds.



In a departure from conventional vertical handheld designs, the AYANEO Pocket DMG introduces an innovative left stick and touch pad combination. This arrangement achieves visual balance, while the strategically positioned and highly responsive touch pad offers a superior and broader control experience. The touch pad can also be creatively mapped as a right stick, enabling advanced control for retro gaming.



The AYANEO Pocket DMG is a vertical handheld that excels in design, craftsmanship, performance, and user experience. It fulfills the aspirations of retro gamers and has garnered significant attention since its initial announcement. This flagship vertical handheld is set for an official launch soon.


AYANEO Pocket MICRO: A Refined Retro Handheld


The AYANEO Pocket MICRO pays homage to classic handheld GBM with its top-tier craftsmanship, faithfully recreating the ultimate portability and flexibility while adding a premium feel that surpasses even the original classics.



While honoring retro elements, the AYANEO Pocket MICRO incorporates contemporary handheld needs and modern technology, reviving the original classic handheld's effortless portability. It's as light and convenient as a smartphone, allowing players to slip it into their pocket and enjoy a few rounds of gameplay anytime, anywhere.



As a horizontal retro handheld, the AYANEO Pocket MICRO continues AYANEO's minimalist design philosophy. Its body features soft lines and natural, rounded edges that showcase meticulous ergonomics, providing a comfortable grip. The function buttons are located on the edge of the device, allowing for a visually balanced front.



The high-end craftsmanship is evident in every detail. The inclusion of a CNC aluminum alloy frame gives the AYANEO Pocket MICRO a more premium, durable body, while the unique edge button design balances design harmony and reliability, achieving a high-end feel that surpasses the original handheld.



The bezel-less full-screen design allows the AYANEO Pocket MICRO, despite its incredibly compact size and small screen, to deliver a truly immersive and full-screen experience free from black borders. The high-strength fully-laminated glass panel adds a touch of sophistication to the overall device.



The AYANEO Pocket MICRO is equipped with the same 3.5" IPS original color screen as the AYANEO FLIP DS, featuring a 960*640 resolution that allows for 4X integer scaling of the GBA screen. Combined with the 3:2 screen ratio, perfect for retro games, it delivers a high-definition and vivid GBA gaming experience.



As a portable mini-handheld, the AYANEO Pocket MICRO is powered by Helio G99 processor. Coupled with game masks and filters, it allows players to enjoy 4X GBA games flawlessly, experiencing the most authentic retro gaming fun.



The AYANEO Pocket MICRO, the pinnacle of horizontal retro handheld design and craftsmanship, is scheduled for official release later this month.


AYANEO AG01: A Futuristic Docking Station


The AYANEO AG01 docking station breaks the mold with its unique space-exploration design, featuring a spaceship-inspired aesthetic that departs from traditional docking station appearances. This "starship" design perfectly complements its performance-boosting capabilities, making it the coolest docking station available.



The AYANEO AG01 comes in two distinct colorways: "Nebula Red" and "Interstellar Grey." The device features personalized decorative elements, including a custom magnetic nameplate and a mesmerizing RGB lighting ring, adding a touch of esports flair.



The RGB lighting ring incorporates some clever design elements: the power button is integrated into the ring, reminiscent of a sports car's "Engine Start," adding a touch of ceremony to each power-on. A knob is also included above the RGB ring, allowing for quick switching between performance modes with a simple twist.



The AYANEO AG01 packs a powerful AMD Radeon™ RX 7600M XT engine, offering excellent value for money and performance comparable to a mobile RTX 4060. It offers two TGP options: 100W and 120W, providing a significant boost to gaming performance and productivity for Windows handhelds or laptops.



To ensure sustained high performance, the AYANEO AG01 features a metal body, providing a premium feel while also incorporating large cooling vents to enhance passive heat dissipation. Coupled with a powerful cooling fan, the device delivers consistent high-performance output.



Beyond its powerful core, the AYANEO AG01 is equipped with a range of expansion ports, including USB4, USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, and RJ45 network ports. The full-featured USB4 port provides data transfer, video output, and reverse power supply capabilities.



Additionally, the AYANEO AG01 features an OCuLink port with a bandwidth of up to 64Gbps, capable of outputting full graphics card performance, providing a powerful engine for AAA games and productivity tasks. It's the only product in its class to feature a DP 2.0 port, alongside an HDMI 2.1 port, allowing for easy four-screen display. It also supports tool-free SSD expansion, giving players a comprehensive expansion experience.



The AYANEO AG01 is not only a docking station worthy of a display on your desk but also a high-energy partner for Windows handhelds, offering a complete gaming and productivity experience. The AYANEO AG01 is scheduled for official release later this month.



AYANEO Pocket EVO: The First 7" OLED Flagship Android Handheld


Following the unveiling of the AYANEO Pocket DMG/MICRO and the AG01 docking station, the AYANEO CEO, Arthur surprised players with a previously unannounced flagship product – the AYANEO Pocket EVO.



Since entering the Android handheld market, AYANEO has launched the world's first Android handheld with an OLED display, the Pocket AIR, and the world's first high-end flagship Android handheld with a 2K IPS original color screen, the Pocket S. These devices revolutionized the traditional Android handheld market, offering top-tier screen experiences and catering to players with diverse screen preferences.



As game graphics and genres (such as streaming games, cloud games, high-score and high-brush mobile games) continue to evolve, the demand for larger-screen Android handhelds is increasing. Adhering to its "Real Gamers Know Gamers." philosophy, AYANEO has addressed this need by launching the AYANEO Pocket EVO, a 7" OLED Android handheld with a larger screen.



EVO stands for "Evolution," signifying a significant advancement. The AYANEO Pocket EVO represents a new era for Android handhelds, pushing the boundaries of high-end flagship devices. With its larger screen, industry-leading design, and cutting-edge technology, it empowers players to unlock an unparalleled Android handheld experience.



OLED screens have become the dominant choice for mobile devices due to their stunning color reproduction, brighter and clearer display, and lightning-fast response times. As a pioneer in handheld screen innovation, AYANEO continues to break new ground by equipping the flagship Android handheld Pocket EVO with a 7" 1080P OLED 120Hz high refresh rate display, marking a new milestone in Android handheld screen technology.



The Pocket EVO's large screen, coupled with the inherent speed of OLED technology, delivers an incredibly smooth touch and visual experience. The vivid and rich colors create a captivating visual feast, enhancing both gaming and entertainment experiences.



With the rise of high-frame-rate games, high refresh rate screens have become the preferred choice for many gamers. The 120Hz high refresh rate large screen on the AYANEO Pocket EVO effectively reduces screen tearing and blur, delivering smoother visuals and lower input lag in fast-paced games like FPS, racing, and fighting. Players can enjoy silky-smooth gameplay and precise control. Additionally, players can enjoy high-refresh-rate, high-frame-rate experiences in streaming and cloud gaming with all effects enabled.



Beyond its screen, the AYANEO Pocket EVO will inherit AYANEO's minimalist and elegant design aesthetic, maintaining its industry-leading appearance, premium craftsmanship, and top-tier performance that surpasses traditional Android handhelds. It perfectly meets the needs of players seeking a larger-screen Android handheld.


Stay tuned for more information on the AYANEO Pocket EVO, the high refresh rate flagship Android handheld. A live demonstration of the device will be held next week. Get ready to be amazed!



More amazing products are coming soon!


In this sharing session, Arthur brought a variety of upcoming new product introductions and live demos, giving eager players a visual feast.



This is a wonderful new product show, the real meaning of ShowTime. Built upon the innovative AYANEO REMAKE concept, The event featured the Pocket DMG, a vertical retro handheld with high performance and stunning looks. The Pocket MICRO, a premium mini retro handheld, and the AG01, a revolutionary docking station that redefines the traditional concept. The event culminated with the debut of the Pocket EVO, a flagship Android handheld that promises to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience.


Follow AYANEO for the latest news, Multiple new products will be officially launched this month. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and discovery.


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