AYANEO KUN, Beyond Imagination

AYANEO's most advanced fantasy handheld ever

Bright and transparent 8.4" large screen with excellent color performance

75Wh super large battery, challenging the peak capacity of Windows handhelds

Close to the size of traditional game controllers

Windows handheld pioneer "TouchTAPMagic" dual intelligent touchpad

Superb heat dissipation, achieving 54W TDP performance release for the first time in handheld

Premium large screen handheld with top-notch materials and advanced craftsmanship

Pioneering Windows handhelds to support Windows Hello face recognition

Epitome of Large Screen Aesthetics

Brilliant Colors and High Bright View of the World

Balancing Stunning Visuals with Excellent Grip

AYANEO KUN's 8.4" 1600P IPS screen perfectly balances handheld size and grip,

offering a clear and stunning display. The screen's color reproduction and brightness

performance remain among the top tier in the industry,

delivering a leading overall experience within screens of the same size.

*The thickness of the device is measured at its thinnest point

Surpassing the Traditional

Large Screen Handheld Design

Inspired by Chinese ink painting and traditional colors,

injecting classical culture into modern technology.

The elegant color schemes meet in the world of KUN,

gracefully dancing and roaming freely.

White Silk

Black Feather

Silver Wing

is minimalist and pure, with a touch of elegance added by the gradual crimson at the top.

is simple and refined, with silver-gray lines running through the top, revealing subtle luxury.

shines like the galaxy, exuding the enchanting aura of the universe's natural beauty.

First-Class Experience in Vision and Tactile Sensation

Pioneering Artistic Design Aesthetics for Large Screen Handhelds

Streamlined design flows from the front to the back of the body.

Dual touchpads extend in a slightly curved shape to the arch-shaped handles.

The design language of the body is highly unified.

Optimized Ergonomic Grip for Large Size

Front with a curved surface and no sharp edges, back with a large curved grip.

Completely fits the palm, comparable grip experience to traditional large controllers.

Finely Arranged Internal Layout of the Device

Even weight distribution throughout the device, providing

an excellent overall grip feel for large screen handheld.

New "KUNPeng" Heat Dissipation System Beyond Imagination

Benefiting from the ample space provided by the oversized device.

Larger area high-performance three copper tube heat dissipation structure.

Achieving a significantly superior heat dissipation capability in Windows handheld.

Support 54W TDP super strong heat dissipation

Unmatched performance release capability in the realm of Windows handhelds to date

The Kunpeng spreads its wings, sweeping away heat, soaring nine thousand miles high.

Incredible maximum TDP: 54W Unleash the power of a thin & light PC

PC-grade large-sized high-pressure turbine cooling fan, airflow rate of 6.5CFM,

exhaust area of 480mm², providing strong and swift heat dissipation.

With 59 pieces of 0.2mm cooling fins, the total heat dissipation area reaches

an astonishing 32775mm², achieving a significant leap in heat exchange efficiency.

The Flagship Performance "Iron Triangle" Never Disappoints

Astonishingly Large Battery Capacit

Rivals PC-level Endurance

Accommodates a truly PC-level high-capacity battery.

Significantly improved both gaming and daily endurance.

Setting a new standard for Windows handheld battery life.

AYANEO's Inspired Control System

While providing gamers with a user-friendly control experience.

AYANEO KUN is equipped with a more diverse range of control functions.

Boasts the most comprehensive professional control configuration ever seen in an AYANEO handheld.

Master Controller丨Master Control Big Evolution

Renowned Master controller, features eight functions and six patents.

Delivering a gaming experience on par with professional controllers.

Fingertip control at your command, ensuring victory is in your grasp.

Hall Sensing Big Joystick | Precise and Skillful Control

The Hall sensing big joystick adopts electromagnetic induction technology,

a highly advanced contactless structure.

With up to 5 million cycles lifespan, matches the extensive range of motion of professional controllers.

Delivering higher precision and a more delicate, rapid control sensation.

RGB Joystick Lighting Effects丨Immersive Esports Atmosphere

With RGB breathing ambient lighting effects, it accompanies intense battles at all times.

AYASpace 2 allows you to freely customize dazzling lighting effects and breathing cycles.

Support different lighting effects based on different battery levels.

Hall Trigger | Micron-level High-precision Feedback

Hall trigger utilizes electromagnetic sensing technology, more precise data transmission.

Consistent operational precision, lifespan up to 1 million cycles.

Ultimate long stroke provides a throttle-like realistic feel.

Allowing gamers to experience an industry-leading sense of flexible control.

New Floating 8-Way D-pad

Become Combo Master in Seconds

Advanced configuration of the elite controller comes to Windows handhelds.

stylish and practical floating design, providing all-around responsive and precise control.

Executing complex combos in games becomes much easier.

"TouchTAPMagic" Intelligent Touchpad

Instant Gestures at Your Fingertips

Windows handheld innovatively features dual intelligent touchpads.

Responsive and equipped with a large-size HD linear motor.

Delivering a strong and delicate tactile sensation.

The intelligent touchpad offers a native mouse touch experience.

The left touchpad enables scrolling pages up and down through swipe gestures.

The right touchpad emulates mouse operations, naturally compatible with the Windows system.

Custom button mapping is supported.

Setting up combination shortcuts, makes advanced operations easy to execute.

More diverse custom gesture operations will be available in the future.

Allow gamers freely explore.

Support customizable button mapping function

The intelligent touchpad's upper, lower, left, and right positions are each

equipped with four buttons that correspond to different functions.

These can be divided into four separate zones, enabling four distinct downward press

operations, providing more precise and versatile interactions.

Enhanced customization options

KUN's left and right touchpads can be individually set to either point control or swipe

gesture mode. Additionally,the touchpads can be easily swapped with a single button press,

catering to a wide range of user preferences and habits.

Large Buttons with Controller-level Feel

Softer Touch Sensation

AYANEO KUN adopts the classic diagonal handle layout.

Features large rounded ABXY buttons and LB, RB shoulder buttons, akin to professional-grade controllers.

Utilizing conductive silicone material, provides a shorter stroke for more responsive feedback.

The overall button response is swift, providing a comfortable and fatigue-free striking sensation during prolonged use.

Highly Customizable Buttons

One-Button Activation Wonderful Game

Whether it's launching any program or game with a single press,

or performing common Windows commands and keyboard inputs.

Simply use the LC, RC, and = keys to fulfill various common needs,

providing gamers with a convenient one-button experience.

AYASpace 2 offers extensive preset functions for short

and long presses of the LC and RC shoulder buttons, as well as the = key.

Provides gamers with a personalized and more efficient usage experience.

Brand New Custom Back Buttons

Explore New Possibilities

AYANEO KUN emphasizes an all-encompassing control system,

equipped with LC1/2, RC1/2, totaling four custom back buttons.

Positioned in pairs on the back of the device, they offer highly customizable

combinations of shortcut button settings.

A feast of ten-finger coordination, expanding possibilities for more exciting gameplay.

Dual Six-Axis Gyroscopes

Infuse Gameplay with Dynamic Sensations

AYANEO KUN features two six-axis gyroscopes, located on the mainboard and the controller.

With AYASpace 2, the gyroscopes can be easily configured, adapting gyroscopic functionality to all games.

Bring an abundance of joyful dynamic gameplay to handheld gaming.

Leading HD Linear Motors

Vividly Replicating Realistic Vibrations

Multi-layered tactile feedback that adapts to scene changes.

Larger size for more abundant and intense tactile feedback.

Maintaining a leading immersive sensory experience.

SoundTAPMagic - Thrilling Retro Gaming Experience

Utilizing chip algorithms to automatically analyze game audio, simulating vibrations in various scenarios.

Adapting vibration functionality to numerous classic games, in conjunction with the rich tactile feedback of HD linear motors.

Delivering an all-encompassing sensory immersive gaming experience for gamers.

AYANEO Intelligent Acoustic System

AYANEO Hyper Sound丨Immersive and Intense Battlefield

Large-sized high-power dual-channel cavity, with AYANEO's intelligent amplifier technology.

Creating the AYANEO Hyper Sound stereo dual speakers.

Releases powerful sound waves with oversized device,

creating an immersive and surrounded panoramic stereo soundstage.

Dual Microphone Design - Hassle-Free Online Gaming

Built-in pickup + noise-canceling dual microphones, combining hardware

and intelligent noise reduction algorithms for dual-layer noise cancellation.

Ensures consistently high-quality voice communication, enhancing gamers' voice chatting experience.

Adjustable Folding Stand | Free Your Hands

The device comes with a built-in adjustable-angle "lazy stand".

The metal stand with baked enamel finish enhances durability.

Providing a delicate touch and reliable support strength.

Transforming into a mini PC on the desk.

Dual Biometric Recognition

Diverse and Exciting Gaming World

Innovative Support for Windows Hello Face Recognition

Another major breakthrough in Windows handheld.

Pioneering the support of Windows Hello face recognition for handhelds.

Unlocking through face recognition, providing dual enhancement of security and convenience.

Equipped with Windows Hello camera, combined with the built-in stand.

Video calls and remote meetings are effortless, combining enjoyment and convenience.

Swift Fingerprint Recognition

Gaming World Starts and Stops at Will

Integrated fingerprint unlocking with the power button, unlock with a single press.

One-button standby, start and stop exciting games effortlessly.

Supports multiple fingerprint registrations, sharing gaming fun with friends.

Wonderful Gaming World Always Online

Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 | Enjoy High-Speed Stable Connectivity

WiFi 6E offers a maximum connection speed of up to 9.6Gbps.

Delivering faster speeds, lower latency, and better power efficiency.

Bluetooth 5.2 ensures ultra-low power consumption, quicker pairing.

Enhanced stability, and improved resistance to interference.

4G-LTE Network Expansion

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Optional 4G network expansion module supports 4G-LTE network in the world's mainstream frequency bands*.

Convenient network experience wherever you go, traveling and business office always online.

*1. 4G expansion module is available for additional purchase and supports Nano-SIM card.

Charges incurred for mobile data connection are subject to the carrier's package rates.

Detailed network frequency band support can be found in the specifications at the end of the page.

AYASpace 2 Comprehensive Evolution

Brand New Modern UI Interface

Completely redesigned UI interface aligns perfectly with AYANEO's design style.

Incorporating elegant interactive animations,

supports both dark and light themes and customizable module color tones.

Providing a refreshing integrated visual experience.

Seamless compatibility with all AYANEO handhelds and various types of high-resolution external displays.

Whether in handheld mode or connected to external devices, you'll enjoy crisp, unstretched visuals.

Brand New Underlying Architecture

Evolution of Interaction Logic

AYASpace 2 introduces an upgraded underlying architecture, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

Maintaining smooth responsiveness even under low power consumption.

AYASpace 2 offers comprehensive compatibility with both touchscreen and controller interactions.

With greatly streamlined and optimized functional hierarchy and information structure.

Function menus are more intuitive, and operation steps are simplified.

Quick Tool 2.0

The all-new iteration of Quick Tool 2.0 boasts faster response times,

with clear and unified labeling and interaction styles for control icons.

Quick Tool 2.0 allows for swift adjustment of various performance parameters,

enabling both device-specific settings and common Windows system settings.

A new "Screen-Off Download" feature has been added,

allowing downloads to occur with lower power consumption while the screen is turned off.

New "Performance Scenario" Mode

Provides preset modes for different FPS limit, TDP limit, fan policy and other performance parameters.

Quickly switch between modes with the LB key, RB key, or swipe.

Gamers can adjust the parameters themselves and save them as customized scene modes.

Fully Upgraded Game Overlay Tool FPS Thunder

Redesigned exquisite UI interface with comprehensive and intuitive information display.

Exclusive full-screen support with freely draggable display position, catering to individual preferences.

Highly customizable settings, giving you full control over displayed elements. Theme support is available,

with more themes to be added in the future.

AYASpace APP | An Extension of AYASpace on Mobile

Not only does it encompass the core features of AYASpace on handheld.

Also serves as a collaborative gaming community between AYANEO and gamers worldwide.

Allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the charm of handheld gaming and gaming culture.

A Versatile Entertainment Device for Semi-Mobile Scenarios,

Expanding Rich Usage Scenarios

Semi-Mobile Scenarios

Whether it's indoors on the couch, bedroom, office or outdoors camping with family and friends.

You can easily connect to power, AYANEO KUN offers a stunning large screen visual and powerful performance output.

Allowing gamers to enjoy immersive audiovisual entertainment experiences.

Leisure Scenarios

AYANEO KUN can be connected to game controllers and TVs or monitors.

enabling you to share endless gaming fun with family and friends.