Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform
New Benchmark for Flagship Android Handhelds | Unparalleled Texture | Soaring Performance
AYANEO Pocket S, No Compromise
Years of AYANEO Handheld Expertise
Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, VC+ Air Cooling
Borderless Full-Screen, Luxurious Quality, Versatile Control
Inside Out, A Great All Around Android Handheld Experience
First launching Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 Flagship Platform
Full Blood, Where There's Snapdragon There's Victory
Utilizing a cutting-edge 4nm manufacturing process, featuring the all-new 8-core Kryo™ CPU and Adreno™ A32 GPU, it delivers superior peak performance and sustained output compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.
Dominating with top-tier performance, it redefines the Android handheld gaming experience, conquering retro games and leading Android handhelds into the next generation.
  • Antutu Comprehensive Performance Score
    16GB + 1TB version
  • 3Dmark Wild Lift Extreme v2.2.4843
    16GB + 1TB version
  • CPU Performance Boost
    ↑ 30%
  • GPU Performance Boost
    ↑ 1X
  • Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing Technology
Note: Antutu Comprehensive Performance Score data is based on AYANEO's official testing environment, using Antutu V10.2.4 version. Results are for reference only. Actual test results may vary depending on specific testing environments and software versions.
CPU and GPU performance data is sourced from Qualcomm's official data, with the Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform as the comparative object.
High Combo, Unleashing Full-
Power Performance
The flagship performance combo provides ultimate speed, smooth
App response, game loading speeds experience a significant leap
Up to 16GB + 1TB configuration, leader of large memory and
storage Android handheld.
Note: The 128GB version uses UFS3.1 flash memory, and the 512GB and 1TB versions use UFS4.0 flash memory.
Dragon Tamer, Ultra-High Performance
Innovatively integrating passive and active cooling, accommodates a massive VC heat dissipation plate exceeding 5000mm² within a slim 14mm body. With active air cooling system, comprehensive thermal conductivity enhancement ensures the prolonged release of the true gaming potential of the Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform.
Convenient Switching Between Multi-Scenario
Performance Modes, One-Click Power Boost
Switching between performance modes is made easy with a user-friendly interface. Not only can you swiftly switch modes using the quick settings, but also comes equipped with a Turbo key. With a gentle flick, you can effortlessly transition between different performance modes.
Performance Turbo Mode
CPU, GPU, and fan speed run at full throttle, unlocking the astonishing potential of the Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2.
Balanced Mode
Meets the performance demands of the majority of scenarios, effortlessly handling mainstream mobile games and retro titles.
Power-Saving Long Battery Life Mode
Let the Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 take it easy, providing enduring gameplay for extended enjoyment.
6" Borderless Mirror Screen, Top-Notch Screen
Breaking conventions, it pioneers the introduction of a borderless full-screen design for Android handheld devices. The ultra-slim narrow edges achieve an ultimate screen-to-body ratio, delivering an immersive visual experience. Crafted from high-intensity, high-transparency glass, the dazzling mirror screen offers a stunning appearance and a warm touch.
Debuting on Android handheld devices, a first-class 6" 1440P Super Retina IPS screen. From precision and color to brightness, the comprehensive experience surpasses industry averages, continuing AYANEO's ultimate pursuit of screens.
Still maintaining a top-tier 6" 1080P IPS screen, balancing excellent display performance with the mainstream choice for extended battery life.
Note: Due to individual differences, color gamut data may deviate by 5% - 10%, which is considered within the normal range. Please refer to the actual situation for accuracy.
Debut of the All-Metal Midframe,
Elevating Overall Quality
Symbol of flagship excellence, AYANEO ensures quality with the introduction of an all-metal midframe, leading the Android handheld industry into the era of metal midframes.
The first Android handheld features a high-strength all-metal mid-frame, offering a distinctive metallic texture that surpasses the ordinary handheld in exquisite tactile sensation.
The advanced sandblasting process creates a delicate matte texture, and high-cost precision CNC craftsmanship forms micro-arc chamfers, providing a comfortable grip without any rough edges.
Luxurious Premium Design, Irresistible Texture
Ergonomic Peripheral Accessories,
Flexible Form Transformation
With ergonomic accessories, seamlessly switch between a slim, flat form and an ergonomic form, achieving the ultimate balance of slimness and comfortable grip. This provides a consistently portable and secure experience.
2-in-1 magnetic flip protective case
Innovative ergonomic design incorporates the handle and protective case into one. The large-sized handle offers a full and comfortable grip that perfectly fits the palm, while the anti-slip texture enhances the holding experience.
All-in-one ergonomic protective case
Ergonomic grip, full grip. PVC material, refined UV process. Thin and light experience, comprehensive protection.
Debut with Three-Mode Vibration,
Immersive Sensation at Your Fingertips
Innovatively supporting three-mode vibration, coupled with X-axis linear motors, providing immersive and delicate vibration sensations covering a wide range of games.
6000mAh Battery, Slim and Long-Lasting
Master Android Controller,
Masterful Control
Featuring eight familiar functions, the Master controller is the quintessential AYANEO
handheld accessory, rivaling the experience of professional controllers.
RGB Hall Sensing Joysticks
High-precision Hall sensing joysticks with zero-contact electromagnetic induction drive, providing flexible and precise control.
RGB colorful lighting effects, adding a rich esports atmosphere.
Linear Hall Triggers
High-precision linear Hall triggers with zero-contact electromagnetic induction drive, delivering stable feel and precise feedback.
Crystal Texture, Superior Feel
Crystal-textured D-pad and ABXY buttons, their transparent and reflective qualities complement the glossy screen, showcasing an elegant aesthetic.
Unmarked Edition Designed with unmarked buttons,perfectly match the style of Pocket S Embodying the spirit of geeks.
Ultra-Fast Data Transfer and Connectivity
First to Support WiFi 7 and BT 5.3
Throughput performance is increased by 20% compared to WiFi 6, with a theoretical maximum speed of up to 30Gbps. Enhanced streaming and cloud gaming experiences, seamlessly connecting to the high-performance gaming world.
Full-featured USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C interface
Up to 10Gbps transfer rate | Supports DP 1.4 video output | Up to 40W PD fast charging.
Note: Some features require pairing with a router that supports WiFi 7. Please refer to the actual situation.
Dual Microphone Design,
Hassle-Free Online Gaming
Built-in pickup + noise-canceling dual microphones, dual noise reduction through hardware and intelligent algorithms.
Consistently high-quality voice, a communication experience as clear as face-to-face.
The Evolving Retro Game Management Frontend
Note: The game database only provides quick management functions for games downloaded or imported by players. AYANEO officially does not provide any form of game resource download.
Pocket S Specification
  • Screen size 6" Borderless IPS mirror screen
  • Screen Parameters 2560*1440 | 490 PPI
    120% sRGB color gamut volume
    100% sRGB color gamut coverage
    85% DCI-P3
    1920*1080 | 368 PPI丨400nits
    120% sRGB color gamut volume
    100% sRGB color gamut coverage
    85% DCI-P3
  • SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon ® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform
  • Storage Combination 12GB + 128GB
    16GB + 512GB
    16GB + 1TB
    16GB + 1TB Unmarked Edition
  • RAM LPDDR5X 8533Mbps
  • ROM UFS 4.0 (UFS 3.1 for 128GB version)
  • Cooling VC + Active Air Cooling System
  • Color Obsidian Black / Ice Soul White
  • Controller Master Controller
  • Joystick Hall sensing joysticks
  • Trigger Linear Hall Triggers
  • Vibration Motor X-axis Linear Motor
  • Gyroscope Six-axis Gyroscope
  • Ports 1*Full-featured USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    1*SD 3.0 TF card slot
  • Special Features SoundTAPMagic Sound Vibration
    XInput Vibration
  • Special Buttons Turbo Button丨Home Button
  • Biometric Feature Power Button Integrated Fingerprint Recognition
  • Battery Capacity 6000mAh
  • Charge Power Support PD fast charging (Charger not included)
  • Size 213.9*85*14mm
  • Weight 350g
  • Connectivity WiFi 7 / BT 5.3
  • Software Management AYASpace Management Frontend丨AYAHome Launcher
  • Operating System Android 13

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