Salute the classic, SLIDE the future

Full-keyboard slide 7840U handheld

AYANEO's first slide full-keyboard Windows handheld, infused with innovative genes for classic nostalgia.

Elegant appearance, powerful performance, versatile control.

Pioneering innovation, creating a leading extraordinary experience.

Ten Key Advantages of AYANEO SLIDE

Push It All the Way
for a Thrilling Experience,
Reveal More Excitement

Relive the classic slide design,
rediscover the long-lost mechanical aesthetics
and the satisfying tactile experience.

Based on an automatic spring mechanism
and finely polished infinite adjustment rails.

With a gentle push, it elegantly extends and retracts,
offering a perfectly smooth and responsive experience.

Explore a New Perspective with Ease

Innovative adjustable angle screen, offering the freedom to suspend at various angles from 10° to 30°.
No need to fuss with your posture and grip, enhances the user experience in different scenarios.

Note: To prevent accidental damage to the slide rail during use, the screen may automatically reset within the range of 3° - 10°
(individual devices may have some tolerance in the automatic reset angle, please refer to the actual device).

The floating screen design ensures smoother sliding,
striking a balance between futuristic aesthetics and practicality.

Carefully Optimized Full-Function Keyboard,
for a Remarkable Experience

Standard character full keyboard, offering a familiar typing experience.

Longer key travel, providing crisp feedback and eliminating the sluggish, sticky feeling.

A numeric keypad, quick access to office functions,
F1 - F12 keys... a wealth of shortcuts all at your fingertips, easily managed with a single Fn key.

Supports vibrant RGB lighting effects,
which can automatically illuminate after sliding up the screen, delivering a visually appealing experience.

Attention to Detail, Ergonomic Design Everywhere

Flagship-Quality Screen,
Floating Right in Front of You

Floating screen design continues AYANEO's strict standards for screens.
Finely tuned 6" 1080P IPS high-brightness original color screen.

Not only is it the highest quality screen in slide handheld,
but also the highest quality screen in 6" Windows handheld.

Visible Beauty and Reliable Quality You Can Hold

"Sunrise White" is fresh and energetic, "Bright Black" is deep and reserved, inheriting AYANEO's profound color aesthetics.

Innovative "sandwich" body structure for reassuring durability. Continues the 360° concealed screw design, showcasing AYANEO's minimalistic aesthetics.

Elegant body lines fused with advanced UV coating craftsmanship, delivering a refined and tactile experience.

Utilizes PC + glass fiber materials, elevating the machine's strength to new heights.

Master Controller for Precise Aim and Action

Hall Sensing Joystick

Zero drift and dead zones for a high-precision control experience.

Enhance immersion with RGB breathing atmosphere lighting.

Hall Effect Triggers

Zero-contact electromagnetic induction drive, for precise and smooth control.

Streamlined edge design, for stable and professional handling.

7.5mm press stroke, 0.09mm press precision.

Fully Conductive Gel Buttons

ABXY keys, D-pad, and shoulder buttons are all made of conductive gel material for soft touch,

larger stroke, and a superior professional controller experience.

X-Axis Linear Motors

Experience multi-dimensional and subtle lifelike vibrations

that immerse you in the sensations of every action.

Powerhouse Performance, Reaching New Heights

Innovative "3+2" Triple Copper Tube Cooling System,
for Mastery of High Performance

A significant breakthrough in cooling technology for the slide handheld. The efficient cooling system unlocks the potential for intense performance, delivering a more stable gaming experience with high frame rates.

Three copper tube modules, two thermal copper sheets,

20304mm² of cooling fins effortlessly manage 28W of sustained performance without throttling.

High-pressure turbine fan and expanded intake and exhaust areas

mark a leap in thermal efficiency.

The "heat hotspot" is isolated from the hand-held area,

with a metal plate assisting heat dissipation on the back of the screen module, effectively reducing the heat sensation.

AYASpace 2 allows flexible fan control strategies,

letting you decide between maximum performance or quiet operation.

Stronger Performance, Longer Battery Life

Breaking through the limited space, creating a 46.2Wh high-capacity battery,
offering extended battery life for the slide handheld.

AYANEO HyperSound - Delightful Sound at Every Turn

Versatile Features for an All-Around High-Speed Experience

AYASpace 2 - Comprehensive Features and User Friendly

AYASpace 2 is designed to provide gamers with a rich set of features and seamless interactions,

continually enhancing the Windows handheld gaming software experience.

As the starting point for AYANEO's proprietary software,

AYASpace will serve as the "key" to AYANEO's multi-terminal and multi-platform integration.