Back to the roots of Handheld

AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U Flagship Performance

Artistic Color Options, Beauty Standard of Handheld

Powerful Heat Dissipation, Still Thin & Light

Thin & Light & Portable, Unleashing Tremendous Performance

Revolutionizing the Traditional Form of Windows Handheld

Your Ultimate Portable Gaming Artifact

In the Name of AIR, Unbelievably Thinness & Lightness

Probably the Thinnest & Lightest AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U Handheld

Light as Feather

Lightness - the roots of a handheld, makes it irresistible

A New Record for the Thinnest & Lightest AMD Ryzen™ 7 Flagship Handheld!

*The weight is for AYANEO AIR 1S Ultra Thin & Light Limited Edition. The Standard edition weighs around 450g.

Miracle of engineering structure

AYANEO AIR 1S shows off its unique structural design again

Thousands of components in a precise stacked design

in a compact AIR device.

The internal design follows AYANEO's classic style, a well-organized structure and layout

The flagship processor and high-quality components are neatly arranged in compact size

making it a truly lightweight, slim, and high-performance Windows gaming handheld device.

A true thin & light, high-performance Windows gaming handheld.

Wonderful "AIRTouch" Comfortable Grip

AYANEO AIR 1S with exquisite craftsmanship, sleek and streamlined design

Smooth curves that seamlessly fit into the palm of your hand, create an ergonomic grip

The advanced UV technology not only makes the device resistant to dirt, scratches, and fingerprints,

but also enhances its exquisite and smooth texture.

AYANEO AIR 1S offers a delightful tactile experience with its thin & light, free hands of burden

Allows gamers to enjoy extended gaming sessions without fatigue

Back to the Roots of Thin & Light Pocket Handheld

AYANEO AIR 1S embodies AYANEO's reflection on the roots of gaming handheld:

Thin & light & portable with strong performance, not only for stress-free grip during long gaming sessions,

but also take it with you, without extra burden.

Now, AYANEO has found the true meaning of Windows handheld

We hope to bring back the joy of the portable pocket gaming device

"AIR" Compact Size, Powerful Heat Dissipation System
Comparable to 7" Handheld

Customized heat dissipation system specifically for compact size

Unique breakthrough in body structure stacking

Powerful Heat Dissipation, Still Thin & Light

Break the shackles of thin & light size and powerful heat dissipation

Identify the Flagship Performance "Iron Triangle"

| Explore the World of AAA Games

Stunning Industry-leading AYANEO Aesthetic Design

High Brightness Wide Color Gamut AMOLED Screen

OLED Windows Handheld Pioneer

The OLED screen, with its self-emitting nature and advanced packaging technology, eliminates concerns of

screen leakage. It provides a wide viewing angle of 175° and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 100000:1,

delivering a truly immersive visual experience with deeper color expression and vibrant hues.

The OLED screen has a response time only one-thousandth of that of an LCD screen, bidding farewell to

screen ghosting. The touchscreen operation feedback is faster, adding an extra "buff" to

the already smooth high-frame gaming experience.

Natural Color Schemes, Beauty of Timeless Light and Shadow

Retro Color Schemes, Timeless Classics

Exclusive Retro Color Scheme

Limited Edition of Thinness & Lightness

This is a gift for gamers who pursue the ultimate thin & light handheld

Inspired by the unforgettable classic game console in the hearts of retro gamers

The classic red & white elements bring back the eternal colors of memories for gamers

Once again, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U handheld sets a new record for thinness and lightness

Polar Black

Aurora White

AYANEO Exclusive "AIR" Inspired Control

A good control experience is one of the essences of a handheld gaming device. While providing gamers with

an intuitive control experience, AYANEO enhances the control capabilities of the AYANEO AIR 1S, allowing a

thin & light handheld to offer a professional control experience.

Master Controller | Unstoppable Master-level Control

Redefining Windows handheld control experience with Master controller.

With eight major functions and six patents, brings gamers gaming control experience comparable to

professional controller Ensuring victory is within your grasp

RGB Joystick Light Effect | Endless Battle

AYANEO know handheld, also know gaming RGB breathing ambient light effect, always accompany the bloodthirsty battle

AYASpace can freely set the colorful light effect and breathing cycle

Adjust light effects based on battery levels, creating a dynamic visual experience

Dual Six-axis Gyroscopes | Dynamic Gaming at Your Fingertips

AYANEO AIR 1S features two six-axis gyroscopes on the motherboard and the controller

Accurately identify every subtle movement of gamers

AYASpace provides "Virtual Controller" mini app, adds "Virtual Gyroscope" function

Allows mapping the left/right joysticks and automatic gyroscope activation, adapts gyroscope

function for all games Brings endless fun and dynamic gameplay to handheld games

X-axis Linear Motor丨4D Vibration Sense of Immersion

Combination of soft and hard, rich, delicate, lifelike tactile feedback experience

Multiple scenes of exquisite vibration, multi-level restoration of sensory experience

Injecting a pulsating soul into gaming, provides an indescribably immersive experience

Highly Customizable Buttons | Exciting One-Click Opening

Whether it's one-click to open any program or game, adding a command when launching a program, or

performing common Windows operations and keyboard shortcuts, all your needs can be solved with just three

buttons: LC, RC, and "=". Enjoy the convenience of one-click access with AYANEO.

AYANEO has preset multiple functions for short and long presses of LC and RC, and with the short press

customization function of "=" button, AYANEO AIR 1S can provide five preset functions with its three custom buttons.

With the AYASpace mini app "Advanced Button", you can map the long and short presses of LC and RC

buttons by any button or combination on the on-screen keyboard to achieve more free button definitions.

Handheld operation should be so simple.

"AYANEO Hyper Sound" Stereo Dual Speakers | Immersive Soundstage

High-powered dual-channel sound chamber built into a compact size

Newly developed AYANEO intelligent amplifier technology

AYANEO Hyper Sound" stereo dual-speakers.Creating "AYANEO Hyper Sound" stereo dual speakers

Powerful and immersive sound experience within compact size

Immersive surround sound Allowing gamers to enjoy the breathtaking sound effects

More Freedom of Expansion丨Satisfy Tossing Heart of Gamers

Equipped with two full-featured USB4 Type-C ports, meet the needs for data transfer, video output*,

and charging, with super freedom of expandability.

*Video output supports up to DP1.4, 4K 60Hz

Powerful expansion capabilities

With its comprehensive and powerful expansion capabilities, the AYANEO AIR 1S can be transformed into a

fully functional PC by connecting external display, keyboard, and mice through the AYANEO docking station. It

unleashes the extraordinary power of the AMD Ryzen™ 7 flagship processor and high-end configurations,

effortlessly meeting the demands of professional productivity.

M2.2280 PCIe SSD

Adopting the widely-used M.2 2280 PCIe interface in the market With ultra-high speed, it supports up to 4TB

expansion capacity on one side Gamers can easily upgrade and expand storage at a lower cost and with greater convenience.

Long Lifespan with PD 60W Fast Charging

Quick Fingerprint Recognition

| Start and Stop Gaming World with Ease

Power button with integrated fingerprint unlock, press to unlock in one go

One key standby, start and stop exciting games effortlessly

Support multiple fingerprint registration, share fun games with friends

Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2

丨Enjoy high speed and stable connection

The WiFi 6E can connect at up to 9.6Gbps Faster speed and lower latency with less power consumption

Bluetooth 5.2 ultra-low power consumption, faster pairing speed Higher stability, better anti-interference

AYASpace 2

Fully evolved AYASpace 2

New Modern UI Interface

The newly designed UI features a lightweight design language and elegant interaction animations that

complement the thin and light design for a refreshingly integrated visual experience.

The current UI interface is perfectly compatible with various resolutions of AYANEO handheld, and even when

connected to an external display, it provides a high-definition non-stretched display.

New Underlying Architecture, Evolved Interaction Logic

AYASpace 2 upgrades to a brand-new underlying architecture, significantly improving operational efficiency,

ensuring smooth responsiveness even under low power consumption.

AYASpace 2 fully supports touchscreen operations, with streamlined and optimized functional hierarchy and

information architecture, providing more intuitive menus and simplified operation steps.

Quick Tool 2.0

The newly iterated Quick Tool 2.0 features faster response speed, clear and unified identification and interaction methods for control icons.

With Quick Tool 2.0, you can conveniently adjust performance parameters such as TDP power consumption

and fan speed. It allows you to manage all handheld settings, including gamepads, joysticks, and almost all

Windows system settings, as well as the task manager.

The new "Screen-Off Download" feature allows downloads to continue at lower power consumption when the screen is turned off.

New "Performance Scene" Mode

The "Performance Scene" mode provides preset parameter schemes for different usage scenarios, including

FPS limits, TDP limits, and fan strategies. You can quickly switch between modes using the LB and RB buttons or by sliding and tapping.

Gamers can also adjust various parameters and save them as custom scene modes according to their own needs.


This is the powerful and user-friendly extension of AYASpace on mobile devices. It not only includes the core

features of AYASpace on handheld but also serves as a collaborative game community created by AYANEO and

gamers worldwide. All gamers can enjoy the fun of handheld gaming and connect with others in the AYASpace APP.

Enriched Usage Scenarios

Joy Always by Your Side

Handheld Scenario

The thin & light AYANEO AIR 1S, with its powerful performance, is perfect for holding in the palm

of your hand and immersing yourself in the gaming world, embracing the essence

of "a handheld device should be available anytime, anywhere."

Enjoyable Scenario

With the AYANEO AIR 1S, you can connect controller,

TV, or monitor and share endless fun with your family

and friends through gaming.

Gaming Scenario

With a regular full-featured USB4 Type-C data cable

Effortlessly connect to external graphics card expansion dock, unleashing the super performance

Handheld + docking station, unlocks more new usage scenarios

and mice through the AYANEO docking station. It

Carry it with you, enjoy the extraordinary performance of AMD's flagship processor

The docking station can be connected at home to get high-performance graphics