Budget friendly & Super Powerful

Brand-new Independent Product Line

Pay Tribute to the Geek Spirit with Uncompromising Product Power

Outstanding 6800U Handheld

The integration of fully upgraded product force and geek spirit

Presenting another possibility of Windows console

Geeks never have to compromise

A highly recognizable style

With a configuration far ahead of the populist positioning

A completely different AMD 6800U console


Coming for you

The ultimate choice of Slim Bezel Screen Design

and full-display screen.

Integration of simple artistic style with the ultimate visual experience

Expanding the infinite game horizon and amazing interpretation of AAA masterpiece

The black standard version has the same screen from the previous flagship NEXT model,

evolving to an extremely slim bezel design,

800P/1200P screen for optional, a 1280*800 resolution wide gamut, 400 nits

and a high brightness screen with a maximum brightness of AMD 6800U

has extreme sufficient performance on the 800P screen. The Purple version has a

1200P screen and Share same high-class screen as AYANEO 2.

Highly recognizable color design

Pure AYANEO style

The geek heart is uncompromising

The ultimate in industrial design

No visible screws on the 360° full body

Stand on the merits of the Windows gaming handheld industry.

AYANEO GEEK, with its ingenious conception and unique original design,

to achieve a 360-degree full body without exposed screws, bringing a highly integrated

body, perfectly integrating minimalism and precision,

setting a new benchmark for the gaming handheld industry.

Baby sleeping position design inspiration

Smooth curves throughout

Mastering has never been easier

The state of the baby in the mother's body is natural and comfortable, AYANEO draws original and

pure inspiration from it, incorporates a new design language according to the ergonomic design,

and creates baby sleeping position for Windows handhelds, bringing players extraordinary ,

but with such a comfortable grip that it is hard to put down the device

GEEK Controller

Control Experience

Equipped with the new Geek Controller.

Developed by the AYANEO team. Built for real Geek.

A sincere work of deep integration of hardware and software.

Gradually improves the game control experience.

Claim the game field with the Geek spirit, under control in a moment.

Hall Joystick

Delicate and precise sense of control

The innovative Hall magnetic sensing technology uses a non-physical contact design. While

saying goodbye to problems such as wear, drift, and ash, it has higher accuracy, longer service

life, and more detailed control, so that players can easily navigate precise micro-maneuvering like Kung Fu Masters.

No Drifting

No Deadzone

High Accuracy

Long Battery Life

Body Gyroscope

Let the game "natively" support gyroscope somatosensory

A gyroscope is placed on the motherboard . Whether it's a game that supports gyroscope

sensation or not, exclusive software can help you do it. It has excellent balance and

somatosensory assist aiming, so you can quickly aim the target wherever you want to shoot!

X-axis linear motor

An immersive vibration experience

Equipped with a double X axis linear motor, it can provide vibration sensation of different

directions and different intensity according to the game scene, bringing a multi-dimensional

surging vibration experience. You can enjoy the real game experience with delicate vibration

sensation at your fingertips, pulsating the heart of every geek.

Highly customizable buttons

Feel free to customize your shortcut keys

Easy to use and user-friendly design, it can provide players with super convenient controls. It can

not only be set as a command commonly used in Windows, or mapped to commonly used

keyboard keys, but can also be linked to open any program or game, and add a command when

opening a program. The short and long press of LC and RC can trigger different functions. In

addition to the short press customization function of the “=” key, AYANEO GEEK enables three buttons

to trigger a total of five custom functions.

AMD Ryzen™7 6800U Processor

Peak performance and super 680M Graphics

Unparalleled gaming experience

New architecture, new technology, super performance and fast experience that break boundaries,

handle multiple tasks at the same time without lag, and liberate entertainment

Ultra high capacity battery+fast charging technology

Always ready to go


battery capacity

New customized cooling system

Keep the Handheld cool at all times

Smooth gaming experience

The new customized cooling optimization method for 6800U CPU has higher TDP tuning .

Whether it is an indie game or a passionate AAA game,it can always maintain

"control of the whole field", allowing players to feel the quiet cooling capacity

and games experience, occupy the top of the decisive victory.

Quick fingerprint wake-up

The geek takes his time

The power button and the fingerprint identification module are integrated.

Equipped with a wake-able fingerprint module,

Tap to wake up and start the game.

Wi-Fi 6+ Bluetooth 5.2

New Wi-Fi solutions, higher transmission rates and lower latency,

Bluetooth 5.2 Sync gives a faster, ultra-fast wireless connection experience.

Powerful wireless transmission function,

easily releases all the game energy of players !

Wi-Fi 6

Bluetooth 5.2

M.2 2280 double-sided SSD

More than one side to being a geek

High speed granules M.2 2280 SSD solid state disk,

Support double-sided SSD up to 8T storage capacity, carrying hundreds of games,

Smooth operation without delay, greatly improves the loading speed of the game.

Abundant configuration & interface

Expanding and upgrading is easy


Professional game management front-end/system

AYASPACE has a series of original software and hardware management functions,

and has powerful functions such as game library, game configuration files,

precise TDP control, one-click access, etc., to explore endless

possibilities for Windows handheld gaming consoles


AYASpace Mobile APP

Co-creating a community of players, synchronizing the game library in the cloud,

and allowing players to control the handheld gaming device with their mobile

phones, turning the phone into a trackpad, keyboard, mouse, etc., in seconds,

AYANEO APP can be called a powerful companion to Windows gaming handhelds,

bringing a unique gaming experience.

Entertainment and work

Easy switching

AYANEO GEEK is not only a Windows gaming console, but also a working PC that can meet daily

office work needs. In addition, it can also play on a large screen and share with multiple people

through connecting peripherals, becoming a family entertainment center. As a multi-purpose

device, AYANEO GEEK is a good companion in your gaming life, bringing you infinite joy.